Athletic Transformation (ages 14 up)

Strength, speed, agility and power in athletics require more than bench presses, squats and traditional gym-science, machine based exercises!

Strength comes in many forms. Absolute strength, or "how much you bench," is really a poor measure of athletic strength.

Total body and functional strength and power improves performance in every sport! Because of the multi-dimensional nature of sports, it is critical to be able to apply strength & power in multiple directions!

Strength is also critical for injury prevention! The ability to reduce force and move with high levels of neuro-muscular efficiency make the athlete stronger and more injury-resistant!

Speed and Agility must be developed in a multi-dimensional, multi-planar capacity if the athlete is to be successful.

All sports require athletes to be able to move and react quickly and powerfully in all directions!

All-Star Sports Academy's Athletic Transformation addresses all the training aspects that go into developing a game-changing athletic skill-set!

Core Strength



Stabilization and Balance Strength


Athletic Strength


Plyometrics and Reactive Power

No matter what sport you play, we'll help you take your game to the next level!

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