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Successful basketball players are fast, agile and lean, & have a unique combination of speed, power & endurance. Typical Division I players can run the “40” in under 5 seconds & have “verticals” around 30 inches! All-Star Sports Academy training programs address all the elements you need to excel in basketball, including:

  • Strength - Strength to hold your ground in traffic! Strength to strip the ball from the shooter on the layup! Strength to box out and get that rebound!
  • Power - Power to explode out of a crowd and go to the hole! Power to drive back the defender on the dribble! Power to stuff the shooter!
  • Speed - Speed to outrun the defender on the fast break! Speed to run down the opponent on the break! Speed to move baseline to baseline with ease and change the game!
  • Agility - Agility to be a tenacious defender! Agility to get open in traffic! Agility to make the game-breaking move and score!
  • Quickness - Shocking quickness! Lightning fast hands and feet! Move to the ball and to the net like liquid fire!
  • Conditioning - Be fresh to the finish!  Play full-out from buzzer to buzzer! Overtime becomes playtime!
  • Flexibility & Injury Resistance - Reduce or eliminate ankle sprains and knee pain! Strengthen the spine, wrists, elbows and shoulders to reduce post-game soreness and speed recovery!


All-Star Sports Academy addresses all areas of basketball performance through systematic improvements in core strength and stability…functional and integrated strength…lean mass…neuromuscular stabilization…reactive power…functional and dynamic flexibility…integrated and functional speed...muscular endurance and cardio-respiratory endurance. We also address nutritional supportsupplementation and recovery and regeneration. This is the most comprehensive program of its kind!
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