Basketball Performance Solution

High School Basketball Players!

(Frosh -Seniors)

Be The Best Basketball Player You Have
Ever Been -  In Just 2 Short Months!
(August 31 to October 31, 2015)


Dateline August 3, 2015 - FINALLY!

Walk into Pre-Season Basketball Camp KNOWING absolutely that you've done everything possible top get ready...and that you have NEVER BEEN BETTER THAN AT THAT MOMENT!

When was the last time you started the season knowing you were absolutely, 100% the very best you could be?!?

When was the last time you came into Camp with absolute, unwavering and unshakable belief that the position you wanted was just yours for the taking?!?

Will this be the season that:

Your coach refers to YOU as the "GO-TO" player?

Your coach calls you a key part of his plan for success?

The media talks about YOU during the write-up on your team?

When YOUR name is on everyone's lips - players, fans, coaches, SCOUTS and RECRUITERS?

You finally break through and achieve all your Basketball goals?!?


Then you need to call Coach Phil and Coach Brian at All-Star Sports Academy RIGHT NOW!

We have your "Basketball Performance Solution!"

And there are 20 spots open - period!

We've designed the ultimate 8 week, highly intensive training, nutrition and development program GUARANTEED to make you stronger, faster and more explosive than you have ever been!

We're so sure we can turn you into the kind of dynamic soccer player you've always wanted to be that we're putting an iron-clad, money-back GUARANTEE on it!!

Does your high school or AAU training program offer a guarantee of improved performance? Didn't think so...

How about the other "training centers" in the area? Will THEY guarantee your performance? MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE it? You already KNOW that answer...

We will!

Why? Integrity...confidence...experience...and a long history of producing the best-performing athletes in Ocean County and beyond!

We stand behind our systems, programming and coaching all the way!

In fact, we're so confident in our ability to help you become the harwood weapon you've always wanted to be that we guarantee that you'll improve in every test we measure or we'll give you your money back! Yeah, it's like that...

You've sat on the bench, watching the "other guys" get the playing time, get the recognition and get the looks from colleges...

Now it's YOUR turn!

We're going to show you the road map to your best season EVER!

For 2 months, from August 31 until October 31, 2015, we'll guide you to your best training results EVER!

20 Shore Area basketball players will engage full-on "Beast Mode" and become the players they've always dreamed of being!

Will you be among them?

Coaches and parents already know what All-Star Sports Academy can do for athletes...check it out!

Here's a quote from the Head Coach of one of the largest AAU Basketball programs in the Ocean/Monmouth County area, when he was asked about his programs' experience working with All-Star Sports Academy:

"Train winners is what you do! Physically, mentally and personally! Our success can be traced back directly to our conditioning - and to our work with you and your coaches!"

And Eliot's dad told us this:

"There's no question that this has been the difference for Eliot. His game has improved as he's gotten stronger and faster."

When it comes to high-level performance, All-Star Sports Academy has success in virtually EVERY sport!

Check out what Joe Dezart had to say about his experience with All-Star after being selected to Major League Soccer's "Sueno MLS" program:

Joe Dezart recently had a try out for Sueno MLS. This is the best opportunity for youth players to get on the fast track to be a professional player.

Out of the hundreds of candidates, Joe was chosen to go to L.A. and compete with some of the very best players in the nation!

How did he get there? The coaches said it was his "physical attributes," strength, speed and stamina, that made the difference.

How did he develop those attributes? Well, he says it was here at All-Star Sports Academy

We believe that "Athletic Skills
multiply Game Skills!"

And we KNOW how to maximize YOUR Athletic Skill-set!

For over 7 years, All-Star Sports Academy has been the recognized leader in training, programming and SUCCESS for athletes who want to "get it done" - on the court and off!

Ready to schedule your interview to see if you qualify for this one-of-a-kind program?

Click here: Contact All-Star Put the words "Basketball Performance Solution" in the subject line. We'll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule your interview!

Don't like email? Okay, call us at 732-597-3725!

Still not sure? Okay, read on!

No Ocean County training facility has put more athletes on the All-County, All-Shore and All-State Teams than All-Star! Nobody!

In our 7 years, our athletes have been offered over $40 million in scholarships! Here's a partial look at the list of schools with All-Star athletes on their rosters or among their alumni:

Stanford... Penn State... Rutgers... Virginia... Northeastern... Boston College... West Virginia... Vermont... Virginia Tech... Oklahoma State... Marist... Monmouth... Fordham... Quinnipiac... Drew... Sacred Heart... Salve Regina... URI... Kutztown State... Univ. of Southern Mississipi... Wesley... Delaware State... MIT... Rowan... TCNJ... Pace... Albright... St. Peter's... Seton Hall... Southern New Hampshire... Elon... Mt. St. Mary's... RIT... St. Francis...

Each year, the list grows! Each year, our athletes have more and more success stories to tell us!

Isn't it time YOU wrote YOUR story?

We'll show you how...IF you qualify!

We've developed the most powerful, most success-oriented blueprint for success in basketball training and development that we're limiting it to the 1st 20 players who qualify

This is a can't-fail, 12 week step-by-step, personally coached road map that will lead you straight to the top of the performance charts - and get you noticed by the people who matter - coaches, scouts and recruiters!

But you have to want it! You have to be willing to work!

Every detail of your development as a soccer player and athlete has been scientifically dialed in for a single purpose: to turn YOU into a play-making, game-changing precision basketball WEAPON!

Here's what we've got covered for you:

SPEED - The Basketball Performance Solution WILL shave serious time off your 40 Yard Dash, Pro Shuttle and L Drill times! In fact, we'll show you one hack that will improve your 40 time in the very first speed and agility session you attend! GUARANTEED!

We don't just "clean up your form" and hope for the best. We teach you how to convert strength to power and power into massively efficient, mind-blowing speed!

How much speed? At the 2014 Diamond Combine, our athletes posted 3 of the top 10 fastest 40 Yard Dash times in the entire event! Every single All-Star Sports Academy athlete posted a personal best at that event - EVERY ONE OF THEM!

STRENGTH - Our athletes are consistently among the strongest on their teams! Take a look at some of our recent results:

Alex P - Started as a skinny, easy-to-push-around player and has added over 75 pounds to his maximum clean weight and 80 pounds to his maximum squat weight! Now nobody pushes him off the ball!

Riley K. - This young lady has consistently added weight to her maximum squat, clean, deadlift and bench press! It's made her more powerful, faster and a consistent leader on our "Power Boards!"

Carmen S - Added 60 pounds to his max clean and 70 pounds to his max squat in just 3 months!

POWER - Our training system will add inches to your Vertical Leap, dramatically improve your Broad Jump and help you develop the kind of explosiveness that might just shock your coaches!

Don't take our word for it, though! Here's what D.M., a female basketball player with a reputation for coming up with every loose ball and being one of the toughest defenders in the Shore Conference, had to say:

"I wanted to increase my speed, strength, balance and core strength and to increase my athletic conditioning.

My expectations have been exceeded! My coaches are noticing the increase in my speed and strength in game situations and have commented about my 'very quick first step!'

I used to turn and sprain my ankles on a regular basis, but not anymore!

I'm able to make moves on defenders and take the ball from opponents like never before! That may be the most exciting thing that's happened for me working out with All-Star: developing the ability to shake defenders at will!"

Can we deliver what we're promising in just 12 weeks? Check out what we did for one Division 1 athlete in just 2 weeks!

So what, exactly, is the "Basketball Performance Solution?"

It's a complete development system for basketball players that includes every critical element, along with the very best coaching, that you will need to play at your best and make a difference this year!

INJURY PREVENTION - Because no player ever changed the outcome of the game from the trainers table, we make sure you have the tools to avoid injury and stay in the game!

Science-based assessment and programming help us make you "bullet-proof!" Late in the season, when the game and the season are on the line, you'll still be in the lineup!

Here's what's included:

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING - 3 sessions per week of individualized, science-based, hard-core Strength & Conditioning designed to help you build muscle, shed excess body fat, get bigger, get "basketball strong" and become injury proof!

Our Strength & Conditioning system is your fastest route to the kind of ball-control strength and explosive power most basketball players only dream of!

(Total Value $1,199.97)

Here's an example of how effective our Strength & Conditioning Coaching is:

In this "Performance Improvement Minute," Coach Brian Blue clearly explains the relationship between front squats and how to finish your cleans - all in about one minute!

Wrist mobility, arm position and hip strength and mobility all contribute to successful cleans and increasing power output development.

Listen closely, though, because there's more to learn!

SPEED, AGILITY & QUICKNESS - 2 sessions per week of focused, basketball-specific SAQ training designed to help you master combine skills, be the fastest player on the court and separate yourself from the competition!

(Total Value $479.97)

Here's a quick look at some of our speed, agility and quickness training for athletes:

Brief look at some of the speed work we do with our high school-aged athletes. We focus on deceleration, footwork, ground drive and change of direction because they translate directly to the athlete's game!

Our athletes are routinely the fastest on their teams and can use their speed to change the game!

PERSONAL COACHING - Have you ever wished you had one person to guide you through the jungle of misinformation to the results you really want?

DONE! Your Success Coach will be with you each step of the way to ensure you stay focused, stay on track, make the most of your training and (finally!) become the player you were born to be!

(Total Value - IMMEASURABLE!)

MOBILITY & YOGA - Yes, YOGA! We've discovered what some of the best (and healthiest...and most injury-resistant) college and Pro players have found out. Yoga and mobility training enhance strength, make speed development quicker and easier, improve focus and are magic for mobility, flexibility and injury prevention!

Our BPS athletes will have access to one Yoga or mobility session each week AND will get a customized Personal Mobility Plan!

(Total Value $209.97)

NUTRITION - BPS athletes get a customized nutrition analysis and a plan based on that analysis and their training goals. Then we monitor that plan and adjust it to maximize results!

As an added bonus, BPS athletes will also get a 2 month supply of the highest quality multi-vitamin/mineral complex to support their training and recovery as well as 2 jugs of Bio-Trust All-Natural Protein!

(Total Value $387.98)

TESTING AND ASSESSMENT - We start with a comprehensive Movement Screen and Athletic Skill-set Assessment. We're going to find out exactly what you need to work on first to maximize your results and become the soccer player YOU want to become!

We'll test your Vertical Leap, Broad Jump, Pro Shuttle and 40 Yard Dash components. We'll also test your Squat, Clean and Bench Press output and your Combine Explosive Power output.

We'll check them again in weeks 4 and 8 to ensure progress and to smash through roadblocks on your way to Basketball Performance!

(Total Value $99.99)


Of course, in the end, the only question that matters is DOES THE SYSTEM WORK?

Here's what Shelly C said about our training systems after we got her ready to play at the college level:

"I was really happy when I realized I was going to play pretty much every varsity game - as a freshman! My Coach said I was the 'fittest player on the team! Thanks, guys!"


Even after a catastrophic injury (ACL tear,) K.M. was able to rebound with confidence for her freshman season at a Division 1 University! Here's what she had to say:

"I leave for (Soccer) preseason at St. Francis University (NCAA Division I) on August 14, and I never imagined I would find myself walking into preseason in shape and confident that I am the strongest and fastest player on my team!"


This system WORKS!

The total value of this Basketball Performance Solution training and development program is well over $2,400.00!

But you won't pay anywhere near that much! IF you are accepted for this program, your investment will be significantly less!

But here's the deal: We won't even discuss the investment with anyone until we've interviewed them and we're completely certain that they are right for this program!

That means:

No half-measures!

No wanna-be's!

No quitters!

No "social butterflies!"

We won't accept anyone whom we believe will not commit 100% to this program and its successful completion!

We're putting a massive amount of time and energy into this program...and we expect that from all of our Soccer Performance Solution athletes! this YOU?!? Are YOU "SPS" material?

Call us at 732-597-3725 or click here: Contact All-Star Put the words "Basketball Performance Solution" in the subject line. We'll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule your interview!

Still not sure?

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you have a burning, deep-rooted desire to play basketball? Is success on the court what keeps you up at night?

2. Are you willing to commit no fewer than 6 to 8 hours a week to serious, focused training?

3. Are you willing to follow our nutrition plan to the letter?

4. Is your desire to be the best player on your team what drives you to train and prepare?

5. Do you honestly believe (or absolutely KNOW) that basketball is your "next level" sport - college or beyond?

Then you NEED to schedule your interview - NOW!

This program kicks off on August 31 - with or without YOU!

But we need to get you assessed, tested and set up with individualized programming the week of August 24! So DO NOT DELAY!

Call us at 732-597-3725 or click here NOW: Contact All-Star Put the words "Basketball Performance Solution" in the subject line. We'll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule your interview!

Your Basketball Performance Solution is waiting for you! And your performance improvement success is GUARANTEED!

So what are you waiting for?

20 players...2 months...guaranteed results...

ONLY at All-Star Sports Academy!