The "Big 6" Questions, Part 1

The "Big 6" Questions we get about training athletes and sports fitness!
Phil Hueston, NASM-PES; IYCA-YFS

Q: I have a month before my (insert sport name here) season starts. Can you get me ready to make the team?

A: Yes and no. We can help you eliminate some mobility and movement issues. However, if you've been doing nothing or playing another sport with little or no crossover in the athletic skill-set, a month is not really enough time to make a big difference in your performance preparation.

However, since mobility issues and movement pattern problems are responsible for many of the sports injuries we see, getting in here for the month before your season starts CAN help. Just don't expect to go from zero to hero in that month.

Our programming is based on the science of the Long-Term Athletic Development model. The LTAD model is based on the idea of an athlete using year-round programming to stimulate improvement in the "athletic skill-set" (strength, speed, agility, power, quickness, balance, core strength and activation, mobility, coordination, tactical decision-making and mental acuity.) This mix of attributes is what separates athletes from players. Athletes seem to master sport-specific skills far more easily than those with less athletic skill.

Does LTAD work? Over the last 5 ½ years, nearly every Div. I scholarship athlete All-Star Sports Academy has turned out has been one that trained with us year-round. Add to that the dozens of year-round clients who are now playing a sport at a Div. II or III school on scholarship and the record speaks for itself.

Not sure how to "fit it in" during the season? Ask us, we'll help you understand how the most successful athletes in our area have done it. We'll also help you set it up, manage it and succeed!

Q: I'm working out in my high school weight room with my team. That's good, right? I'm getting what I need to be better, right?

A: Ummm, Well, most likely not. Unless your high school weight room is like the ones at St. Xavier in Ohio (run by my friend Coach Carlo Alvarez), Gross Catholic or Allen High School outside Dallas, you aren't likely to get anywhere near the kind of work and guidance you need to get better. Check out this article "The 6 Pitfalls of the High School Weight Room."

Do any of these sound like your high school weight room? If so, contact us here and we'll help you get on the right track.