Brick Lax/Jr. Mustangs Summer Training

This is the early registration page for the Brick Lacrosse/Junior Mustangs "Dry-Land" Training!

Sessions will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:30 and 5:30 PM at All-Star Sports Academy's satellite location in Nick Catone's MMA, Brick, NJ!

All registrants get:

  • 2 Athletic Transformation sessions per week at NCMMA!

  • 1 Bonus session per week at All-Star's 7,000 SF training facility in Toms River!

  • Weekly nutrtition handouts to support all your hard work!

Missed sessions can be made up in any Athletic Transformation session in All-Star's Toms RIver location.

Training begins Monday, June 30 and ends on Friday, August 29, 2014.

You get 18 - 27 sessions for only $199.99 for the entire summer!

WAIT! Register before June 20 and SAVE $20!

An entire summer of the best strength, speed and power training anywhere for just $179.99!

Click below to register now!