Chelsea Huffnagle

"I expected to get a good workout each time I came in. I wanted to build core strength along with upper and lower body strength.

I can feel myself workng hard each and every time I come in. More importantly, I can see and feel the results.

I'm noticeably stronger and faster.

During summer league for basketball, my increased speed and strength were visibly apparent.

It's very exciting to have everyone around me notice the changes in my game.

My performance in Track and Field has also benefitted greatly, with increased distances in all my throws.

I love coming to All-Star Sports Academy! It's been a great experience for me and I have fun when I come to work out! Everyone here is so much fun to be around!

I believe my peers should work out here because I see how it helps you become better at whatever sport you play. You'll get stronger, faster and develop a quicker first step and better vertical leap ability.

It'll work for any sport and it's a great program!"

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