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All-Star Sports Academy College Student Aid Membership

You know the old story. All year long, while you're at school, you work hard to hone your athletic skills, develop your game skills and be ready to excel when your season begins.

Then you get home for the summer and you realize how pitiful your choices for a training venue are. Big-box gyms...filthy, sweat-stained hole-in-the-wall dumps...ladies only "circuit" gyms...the weight room at your high school....

Typical "big-box" gyms...put up with a ridiculous sales pitch and an enrollment experience that makes torture look like a massage. Then put up with sweaty, grunting meatheads and cell-phone chatting, anorexic supermodel wanna-bes. All while you're trying to get stronger for your sport!

Dumpy, hole-in-the-wall know, the places that claim to be "old school" and "hard core?" These places are really breeding grounds for diseases and career-ending injuries waiting to happen!

Ladies "circuit" gyms? Your high school weight room?!? NO!

Oh crap! Where are you supposed to go to workout all summer? And what happens when you're home on Thanksgiving, Winter or Spring Break? You're not home long enough to get a gym membership, and getting a "guest pass" is like having dental surgery!

Guess what? You're problem is solved!!

All-Star Sports Academy knows that you just want to train and get better!

We know you don't have the time to deal with weeding through all the nonsense to solve your problem!

We know that you'll train hard and really be ready to play, if you can just find the right place, with the right atmosphere and great staff!

Of course, it would help if the fee structure was right...after all, you're a college student, for goodness sake!

Psst, were you listening?

Problem solved!

We're introducing the All-Star Sports Academy College Student Aid Membership!

This membership is:

  1. Convenient - You'll have a place to train all summer and all year...anytime you're home from school! We offer dozens of training sessions to choose from each week!
  2. Effective - Work with the best Sports Fitness Trainers available! Really be ready to play your sport (or just look your best!)
  3. Reasonable - We offer 2 simple, straightforward ways to pay for it! Make three easy monthly payments of $149 each or one payment of $399 and save nearly $50! You can find something good to do with 50 bucks, right?
  4. The best way to maximize your summer "vacation time!" - Spend less time getting more results! Spend the rest of your time doing the stuff you want to do! It's a no-brainer!
  5. Way, way better than some crappy gym membership! - We're going to make sure you get all the resources you need to reach your goals! Try getting that from a big box health club for less than $38 a month!

So are you ready to stop wasting time in some lousy, overpriced "health club" and start getting the Sports Performance Results you want?

Are you ready to have more free time, get better results and have more fun when you're off from school?

Here's how to get started:

  1. Choose the best option for you.
    • Make 3 consecutive auto-pay payments of $149
    • Make 1 payment of $399
  2. Call us at 732-597-3725 to arrange your 5 Point Movement Assessment and initial session.
  3. Complete your enrollment agreement.
  4. Spend the next year NOT worrying about where to workout when you're home from school!
Either way, this is the best option available for college athletes to stay sharp when they're away from the college training environment!
Still not sure if this is the right option for you? Contact us for more information!