Combine Ready Football Speed & Agility


It's TIME!

Time to "get your speed on" for FOOTBALL SEASON!

It's also time to get "COMBINE READY!"

6 Weeks to put some "rocket fuel" in your engine!

Tuesdays and Thrusdays, 7 PM

June 2 through July 9, 2015!

All-Star Sports Academy
1740 Route 9
Toms River, NJ

30 player maximum!

Ages 13 and up ONLY!

This year, we're not only turning YOU into a football weapon, we're giving you the opportunity to show it off!

We've partnered with Diamond Combines (

Your registration in Combine Ready Football Speed and Agility includes a registration for the Diamond Combine event on July 18, 2015 at the Paddy O'Neill Indoor Facility at Riverwood Park, Toms River, at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Everyone wants to shine like a diamond, but few are willing to cut, grind, polish and shine!

Here's a look at some of our speed work:

We're going to:

  • Help you learn to unleash the explosive speed inside you!

  • Teach you the keys to developing speed you didn't know you had!

  • Reveal the "how-to's" of explosive agility that will change EVERYTHING about your game!

  • Peel back the curtain on the Proven System that has consistently made All-Star Sports Academy athletes the fastest and most dangerous players on the field!

  • Show you the "secret" connection between the things that will blow up your speed and agility and the ones that will keep you on the field!

So why should you be in THIS speed and agility program?

Here's what one Div. 1 player says:

Why ELSE should you be working with All-Star?

  • All-Star Sports Academy has worked with well over 520 area football players in our 7 years in business!

  • At one locally held combine in 2012, we were represented by the 3rd fastest linebacker (out of 30) and 3 of the fastest 5 lineman (out of 27) at the combine!

  • Our athletes have been offered well over $44 MILLION in scholarships in our 7 years!

  • Our football players are not only the fastest (and strongest) players on the field, our training system makes them practically bulletproof!
  • At the 2015 Diamond Combine event at TRHS South, we took 10 athletes to the event...and every one of them posted a PR in the 40 yard dash! 3 of them were chosen for the Diamond All-America Team!

How do we do it?

In a word...SCIENCE! (Not to mention experience, skill and application!) Here's a look at our breakdown of one commonly used speed and agility drill that is so often done (and coached) very wrong:

A high-impact, game-changing program like this would typically cost you $25, $30 or even $40 per session to attend.

But not with All-Star! We want to put this program firmly within reach of every player who wants to seriously change his game!

Your cost to get Combine (and recruitment) Ready?

ONLY $199! Less than $17 per session!

Register here:


Remember - only 30 spots available!

Still not sure? Check out these bonuses:

BONUS #1 - Your registration for the July 11, 2015 Diamond Combine at the Paddy O'Neill Indoor Facility in Toms RIver is paid for! Just show up and blow them away! ($99 value!)

BONUS #2- Every participant receives an All-Star Sports Academy tee shirt! ($15 value)


$199. That's it.

Get registered and get faster:


Still not sure? How about this? If you register for this program and you don't shave at least 0.1 second off your previously timed 40 yard dash, add at least 2 inches to your Broad Jump and 1 inch to your vertical leap, we'll refund your registration fee.*

You can't lose. Period.

Don't wait! While you're procrastinating, someone is moving faster and taking your spot...and maybe your scholarship or recruiting spot!



* Player must attend at least 10 out of 12 scheduled sessions and complete mobility and corrective work as prescribed. If player has no previously timed 40 yard dash or previously measured broad jump or vertical leap, All-Star will time them on players' behalf by request.