"Combine Ready" Football Speed and Agility

Next season already started! Are YOU making strides in your speed, agility and quickness?


If you're "hitting the gym" like most players...probably not.

Don't get left grasping at jerseys or getting caught when the yards matter most!

Speed is the "killer app" in sports.

In no other sport is this more true than in football.

Just a split second in any direction can mean the difference between beating the defender...or letting him look like a champion!

Just a little bit quicker "first step" and you beat the back to the hole and make the game-changing tackle!

Just a little better direction changes and your patterns are better...and you catch the pass with room to spare!

Just a little better lateral movement and you avoid the sack and find your man... every time!

Your "big bench" won't cut it when speed is what you need!

All-Star Sports Academy has what you need! Our "Combine Ready" Football Speed and Agility program is BACK!

Trial week is the week of March 25th. Trial Sessions will be Monday, March 25th and Thursday, March 28th.

Regular sessions begin on April 1 and will be held Mondays and Thursdays at 7 PM.

NEW! This year, we will offer 1 day a week and 2 day a week options.


This is not for the Youth Football Player or if you are looking for somethngi to "keep your kids busy between seasons!"

"Combine Ready" Football Speed and Agility is a "Commit Or Quit" level program that will REQUIRE you to be completely and fully committed to improving your speed, agility and quickness so that you can be the fastest and most explosive player on your high school or college field.

This is a comprehensive, game-changing speed and agility program that WILL make you the fastest football player you can be! Three months of scientifically designed programming specifically developed to help you peak during the season!


Here's what a few of our participants from last year had to say:

  • "I've never been this fast before! I'm getting varsity playing time already! Thank you!" - TK, 15
  • "This is amazing! I can't believe how quick I've gotten!" - CS, 15
  • "You guys know things about speed that my college coaches don't even know!" - JM, college junior

The trial sessions are absolutely F-R-E-E!! No cost, no obligation.

Simply put, if we don't blow the doors off every other "speed coach" you've ever met, don't sign up. It's that simple.

We GUARANTEE you will learn techniques you've never seen that will have you moving faster than you ever thought possible!

Still not convinced? Fine, here's a few other bonuses that you will ONLY get from All-Star Sports Academy:

  1. Strength exercises and programming that will not just make you strong...they will make you faster...AND BETTER! Use them in your strength routine and watch your speed improve in dramatic fashion!
  2. An online nutrtion and meal-planning program that NO OTHER FACILITY IS OFFERING! Want to add muscle, gain weight? We'll show you how to do it without eating a slew of crappy supplements that might poison your body and make you fail a playoff drug test!
  3. A Football-Specific Flexibility and Mobility program that will help you stay healthy throughout the year and will make your speed development even more amazing!

Call us at 732-597-3725 and reserve your spot in our trial week NOW!

We will not register more than 20 athletes for this program. Period. CALL TODAY!