Diana Malanga

"I wanted to increase my speed, strength, balance and core strength and to increase my athletic conditioning.

My expectations have been exceeded! My coaches are noticing the increase in my speed and strength in game situations and have commented about my 'very quick first step!'

Not only have I developed better speed, agility and athletic strength, but I don't turn my ankles anymore! I used to turn and sprain them on a regular basis, but not anymore!

I'm able to make moves on defenders in both my sports! That may be the most exciting thing that's happened for me working out with All-Star: developing the ability to lose defenders at will!

I love working out with All-Star Sports Academy! It's easy to get up and go to a session when you know you're going to see results!

Other athletes need to be working out with All-Star! It will help them raise their game and prevent injury!"

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