Karen Capone

"All-Star is fantastic and Phil and Brian are great!

My son, Joe, is 9 and is an all around athlete who went through a growth spurt and lost some of his agility.

All-Star Sports Academy has gotten him back to his old self and more!

His agility and coordination are excellent and have shown in his baseball season this year!

My daughter, 7, can't wait to start next year!

We live about 30 minutes away, and my kids wish they could go every night!

An absolutlely fantastic training value for your money!"

Here's the latest (April 17, 2010) on Joey:

"Phil, Joey has started baseball and is going fantastic, his hitting is back and he is out of his last year slump. A lot of that has to do with the All-Star program so a big thanks to you and Brian!! He got his first ever true "HR" today. thanks."

You're very welcome, Karen, and we can't wait to see Joey to congratulate him!

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