Youth Fitness

Athletic Transformation Summer Training Special!

Summer Training Special! What are YOU going to do this summer to get better and become the athlete you were meant to become? Will you waste your time at some McFitness Gym and HOPE it works? Why? It's never worked before...and it isn't going to work this time... But you know what absolutely, positively works for every single athlete who tries it? ATHLETIC TRANSFORMATION at [...]

Toe Tag for Agility and Quickness

Toe Tag for Agility and Quickness!In this cool game, kids compete against one another to "tag" each other using their toes. They must remain in arm contact at all times. The first...

Beware the Rise of the Machines!

Youth Fitness: Beware the Rise of the Machines! by Phil Hueston, NASM-PES; IYCA-YFS Co-Owner, All-Star Sports Academy/Athletic Revolution-Toms River now you all know that All-Star is involved in the youth fitness industry. In fact, we've been told that we're changing the way people think about youth and sports fitness in our area. So, as you can imagine, we're pummeled with marketing and [...]

Beat the Heat to Keep Fit!

Beat the Heat to Keep Fit Phil Hueston, NASM-PES; IYCA-YFS Ok. So it's hot. Really hot. But you still want to get your exercise in. Is it safe? You're asking "How do I know when to go out and play in the summer sun (and heat)? How do I know when I should stay inside and exercise in the AC? Or should I bag [...]

Metabolism for Athletes

  Metabolism and How it Works For Athletes! by Phil Hueston, IYCA YFS-1, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist Here's a concept that you must understand. You need to understand that improving your eating habits and improving your performance are related. It all depends on how you fuel your body. The fuel you put in your body will determine how your metabolism works and how [...]

Coaching Feedback: Brain Food for Athletes

The following article was originally published through the International Youth Conditioning Association to thousands of strength trainers, Youth Fitness Professionals and coaches worldwide. It is reprinted here by permission. Coaching Feedback: Brain Food for Athletes!Phil Hueston, NASM-PES: IYCA-YFS Your feedback and communication is brain food to an athlete. To develop correctly and effectively, young athlete's brains need a steady flow of quality nutrients and stimuli. [...]