LAUNCH! Athletic Training


The next generation of youth fitness, training and performance is here!

This will be the absolute best training and fitness experience your kids will ever have!

Not just strength & conditioning!

Not just speed & agility!

Not just mental toughness & self-confidence!

Not just sports performance training!

Not just nutrition education and support!

Not just fitness in a fun, supportive environment!

Not "just" anything...


That's right! The LAUNCH! Youth Fitness Training and Performance program has EVERYTHING your child between the ages of 8 and 18 needs to

  • Be physically fit
  • Be mentally strong and confident
  • Be faster, more agile and more athletic
  • Be stronger and more injury resistant
  • Be a leader, on and off the field (court, mat or ice, too)
  • Be the very best version of herself or himself

Your child will get the best of all of this!

Our training programs are science-backed!

Our coaching is purpose-driven!

Everything we do is designed to maximize performance so athletes can dominate when it matters!

Your athletes will LOVE this program!

Our commitment to our athletes helps them achieve success both on and off the field (court, ice or mat!)

Maybe best of all, they will love every minute of it!

Your child will experience the very best in:

  • Sports performance training
  • Speed & agility
  • Physical fitness
  • Age-appropriate strength & conditioning
  • Concussion and injury prevention training
  • Confidence building and self-esteem
  • Leadership development

All in a safe, positive and fun environment!

We offer 3 different age group programs!

Launch Athletic Foundations is designed for athletes in 3rd through 5th grades!

Launch Athletic Elevation is designed for athletes in 6th through 8th grades!

Launch Athletic Edge is designed for athletes in 9th grade and beyond!

We've created an atmosphere where athletes challenge themselves and each other to create "contagious success!"

You get unlimited sessions with this program - train as often as you like!

Sessions are available 6 days a week, year-round, indoors at All-Star Sports Academy on Route 9 in Toms River.

And we've made this program ridiculously affordable!

THIS is the training program you've been looking for!

LAUNCH! is the answer to the question "where can my son or daughter get everything needed to be their very best?!?"

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Give your kids the advantage they deserve! Give them LAUNCH Athletic Training!

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