Lockdown Fitness!

Athletes of all ages!

Did your gym, fitness center or health club leave you high and dry?

Were you making great gains, real athletic progress or getting leaner and then *POOF*?!? No more gym?

We've been hearing stories about how hard it's been for athletes and their families to get their exercise in, manage their nutrition and make progress during this very challenging time.

And we're listening!

Our members don't have that problem.

We built out an online training program for our clients that not only includes the most effective home training programs anywhere, but is an actual community, supporting each other and making fitness and nutrition work together.

This isn't some cookie-cutter, pre-fabricated training platform, this is customized fitness and real interaction, just the way our fitness family likes it!

Here's a look at some screenshots from the more than 150 exercise videos included in our massive library.

More videos are added every week!

Live video, live interaction and exciting challenges!

Real coaching and support - when you need it most!

What would your current fitness program be like if you had 4-5 different workout programs added every week?

What would your current fitness program be like if you had a new speed, agility and quickness program added 5 days a week?

What would your current fitness program be like if you could join live strength & conditioning workouts up to 5 times a week?

What would your current fitness program be like if you had access to live speed and agility workouts 3 days a week?

What would your current fitness program be like if you had access to dozens of recipes for delicious, nutritious meals that fit your diet and eating plan, whether you're a Keto, Paleo, vgetarian, vegan or just about any other kind of eater?

What would your current fitness program be like with regular Zoom gatherings, where you can ask questions, share wins and just be together with other athletes and families?

What would your current fitnes program be like if you could schedule private consultations with one of All-Star's awesome fitness coaches to get answers, support and all the motivation and encouragement you need to win?

The answer?

It would look like "Lockdown Fitness!"

Our members already have this great program at their fingertips, and now you can, too!

Because we know how important fitness is to so many people, we're making this program available to everyone, not just our members.

We're going to offer a 2 week trial of this program for just $59.99 for your entire family!

If you don't absolutely love the program and being part of our amazing fitness family after your trial, you're free to go back to whatever you're currently doing.

If this incredibly effective in-home fitness option IS for you, after your 2 week trial, your whole family can become part of ours for just $109.99 a month!

Access to everything for everyone in your family for $109.99 a month!

Since we know that our current challenge will end, we've built in another amazing thing that should make this a no-brainer.

If you are a regular monthly member of our "Lockdown Fitness" in-home fitnes and nutrition program when the pandemic lockdown ends and we can re-open our facility, your entire family will get access to our awesome fitness facility and all of our programs for the rest of that membership month!

You read that right!

So if, after your trial, you become a regular member and this thing ends, we'll welcome your whole family into our facility for the remainder of that membership month!

Just to make it simple for you, you get:

All the At-Home Training Solutions posted 4-5 times a week on our membership site!

All the Athlete Speed and Agility Workouts posted 5 days a week on our membership site!

Access to all the live At-Home Training Solutions workouts every time they happen AND in the training archives!

Access to all the live Athlete Speed and Agility Workouts every time they happen AND in the training archives!

All the recipes and resources in the Nutrition for Families and Athletes archive!

Access to all the Zoom support calls and online get-togethers, including our "Happy Hour" calls (some of the most fun!)

Private consultations with All-Star Coaches to make sure you have the answers and support you need to succeed!

Does Lockdown Fitness work?

Here's what a few of our members have said so far:

A.H. - "Thank you for all you've done! I'm still able to get my workouts in and stay in shape!"

C.W. - "My gym is the best! Thank you!"

T.H. - "This is great! Thank you for keeping my family fit while we can't go to the gym!"

Ready to get started or just have a few more questions?

Click the link below and provide us with some information. We'll call you and have a conversation about the Lockdown Fitness Program!

Lockdown Fitness at All-Star!