Meredith Kalinowski

"All-Star has completely changed my game in every way! I'm stronger, faster and have a more optimistic attitude!

WIthout Brian and Phil I wouldn't have made it through last season. They helped me work through my shin splints and continue to do so.

I can't thank them enough!

Not only hav they helped to rehab my injury, they have helped me get stronger and become injury-resistant!

Aside from the technical stuff, I've met a lot of new friends at All-Star Sports Academy, and we now follow each other through our seasons. It's great to watch them succeed in their sports, too!

I never dread working out anymore because it's always a lot of fun and I always leave All-Star Sports Academy smiling!

I recommend All-Star to every athlete looking to improve his or her game!"

As of this writing, Meredith has been recruited by more than 30 colleges and universities to play Lacrosse, including many of the 2009 NCAA top 10!

August 10, 2010 - It's official!! Meredith has been recruited by and accepted at Stanford University! We're sure she'll be an impact player there, too!!

August 2014 - Meredith prepares for another IMPACT season at Stanford by putting in the work at All-Star Sports Academy! And what's YOUR reason for not training here?

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