Neil Higham

"My son, Patrick, has been going to All-Star since they opened. After experiencing the "chain" training facilities, there is no comparison!

Pat's now 15 and a high school athlete.

As I watch his high school soccer and lacrosse practices, I see his teammates suffering from a variety of injuries: hamstring pulls, groin pulls and even ACL tears.

Pat has not missed a single practice or game! I believe he owes this to the tremendous sports fitness system that Phil and Brian have developed.

Oh yeah...his athletic ability has increased exponentially as well! He's one of the fastest players on the lacrosse field, and he's leaping above the soccer crossbar to make saves!"

UPDATE: Pat is now playing Lacrosse at SNHU on scholarship!

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As of this writing, Pat is now the Captain of his freshman Lacrosse team, and expects to see significant playing time at the Junior Varsity and perhaps even the Varsity level!