"Next Level" Athlete Success Program


For decades, athletes have been asking, "How do I get to the Next Level? What do I have to do?"

The answer? EVERYTHING!

That answer, while painfully simple, has never been easy to manage for athletes.

To play at the Next Level, all an athlete has to do is:

  • Train hard and smart (and find the time to do it!)

  • Practice the sport skills needed to compete

  • Eat right

  • Get enough rest

  • Get good grades

  • Practice impeccable time management skills

  • Manage hundreds, even thousands of social interactions in any given month

  • Avoid the pitfalls of everyday student-athletic life that are guaranteed to turn off coaches at whatever "next level" at which they seek to play

  • Maintain the healthy, positive attitude coaches are looking for - all while getting the rest of this stuff DONE.

  • AND...play well...every single time...

Over the many years that All-Star Sports Academy founders Brian Blue and Phil Hueston have been working with athletes, they've repeatedly heard similar stories told about the incredibly high expectations of coaches, administrators and teammates at the college, and even at the higher club level of sports.

Here's an example of one players OFF-SEASON schedule from a Div. 2 university soccer program:

6 AM - Weight room for team lift

7:30 AM - Breakfast together

8 AM to 4 PM - classes and study

4:45 PM - Team skills practice

6:30 PM - Dinner together

8 PM - Film session 2 days a week, Team study hall 2 days a week

And that's a DIVISION 2 school!

During the season, you can add travel and games to that schedule!

Playing sports at a high level requires a serious level of commitment than most athletes are willing to exert.

That's true at all levels of the game - high school, high level club sports and at the college level.

Often, what's seen as a "lack of commitment" is really the fact that the athlete simply does not know how to do everything that's needed to succeed.

Some athletes are mistakenly labelled as having a "lack of direction," when what they actually lack is a clear path to their goals.

What too many athletes lack is a comprehensive system designed to assist the student-athlete in his or her rise from "other" player to key player to standout!

What they lack is the guidance and direction of Sports Performance Professionals who've "been there and done that" with hundreds of athletes just like them!

What they truly want, desire and need is an "Athlete Success System" that is simple, interactive and fool-proof!

What they need is a step-by-step system that clears the roadblacks, steers them clear of the land mines and helps them break through the barriers that lie between them and student-athletic SUCCESS!

THAT is where the "Next Level" Athlete Success Program comes in!

Most players older than 14 can excel if given the opportunity and the system to focus like a laser beam on the things that really matter to coaches at the Next Level:

  • Athleticism -
    • Strength
    • Speed
    • Power
    • Agility
    • Balance
    • Quickness
    • Coordination
    • Mobility

  • Athletic Intelligence - Tactical decision-making skills and mental acuity

  • Sport-specific skills - the ability to master the moves that matter on the field, court, ice or mat

  • Academics - Because you HAVE TO HAVE THE GRADES!

  • Attitude - Team player or selfish jerk? Leader who lifts others or anchor that drags everyone else down? Difference-maker or indifferent slacker?

  • Work ethic - the joy in working to improve that comes with a love of the game and confidence in yourself!

  • Citizenship - The willingness and ability to participate in events and activities within the college or club community, and to positively contribute to those activities.

  • Respect - For coaches, teammates, parents - and for yourself!

For too many athletes the chance to play at the Next Level - be it varsity, high level club or college sports - gets lost in the haze of trying to do all the things necessary to get there while still "having a life."

For many, the balance tips the wrong way and they just don't get it all done.  (Click HERE to arrange an interview, or read on...)

Opportunities are missed.

Playing time goes to other players.

Scholarships that may have made the difference between attending a top-notch university and spending time at the community college wind up in the hands of other athletes.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Since All-Star Sports Academy's inception in March 2008, our athletes have been offered nearly $35 million in college scholarships!

Many of our athletes are enjoying success at the collegiate level, both in sports and academics. We noticed something about those who've been most successful...

They all had 3 primary things in common...

  1. They trained with us year round. They understood that keeping the body healthy during the season meant they were ready to shine when the important games popped up on the schedule - at the end of the season!

  2. They prioritized their time very well. They managed the rigors of training, practicing, playing, studying and being part of the school community with seeming ease. (In truth, they had a secret...more on that later...)

  3. They focused on their "big rocks," those activities that had the highest return relative to their goals - making the varsity team in high school, becoming a key player and getting the college playing opportunities they desired. They let the rest of the activities fit in where they were appropriate. Time and energy management were important to them.

They all had one more thing in common (this is the secret...) They relied heavily on our experience, insight and advice when it came to managing their student-athletic life and keeping their goals and objectives clearly in mind!

So when we wanted to create a program that could assist high school athletes in their pursuit of "Next Level" playng opportunities, we studied the experiences we had with these successful athletes and created a blueprint for success that will ensure that serious student-athletes get the best possible shot at playing at the "Next Level!"

We've been testing the blueprint on a small number of athletes in our training facility in Toms River in a top-secret project. And now, we're ready to bring it to you!

"Next Level" Athlete Success System is LIVE!

"Next Level" Athlete Success System is open to all SERIOUS HS athletes who want to compete at the collegiate level!

What is the "Next Level" Athlete Success System?

It is a year-round program designed to provide high shool athletes with the best possible opportunity to become standout players and students! It will clear the roadblocks to getting noticed by coaches at the next level and put your athlete on the road to scholarship-worthy performance!

Here are the benefits of the "Next Level"
Athlete Success System:

  • A personal coach - Each athlete will be assigned a "Success Coach" to manage his/her:
    • Success Session - initial assessment, lifestyle and goal-setting session designed to establish a baseline in the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the athlete!

    • Training and Programming - Each athlete will have a personalized training program, as well as access to group programming!

    • Nutrition - Each athlete will have an Athlete Nutrition Profile that will help them work with their coach to maximize their success by dialing in their nutrition!
    • Rest and regeneration - Athletes work with their coaches to learn the why's and how's of effective and sufficient rest!

    • Academic manangement - Regular reviews of grades, schoolwork and course loads to establish which training methods are most suited for the individual at that specific time!
    • Time management - Athletes will learn "tricks" and techniques for maximizing time and achieving more than ever!
    • Social interaction management - Often, the biggest detriment to an athletes success is not knowing how to avoid distractions from social events, unnecessary commitments and friends who don't understand the path they're on. We'll help them avoid the pitfalls and land mines that can knock them off track.

  • Access - Athletes will have access to Athletic Transformation sessions, Athlete Small Groups set up by their coaches and a personalized trianing program that they can perform any time All-Star is open, with the help of our world-class training staff and coaches!

    Access to Sunday Mobility Sessions and any seminar or workshop held at All-Star.

  • Strategy - Weekly talks with their coach to lay out a strategy for the week!

  • Tracking - "What can be measured can be improved." Bi-weekly nutrition reviews for the first 3 months, then monthly thereafter.

    All-Star's "Eat To Succeed" Online Meal Tracking and Planning Tool.

    Re-assessment of the athletes kinetic chain and athletic progress at least quarterly, or as recommended by their coach.

  • Parental Engagement and Support - Parents/guardians will be advised of their athletes progress at regular intervals!

    Your son/daughter's coach will also provide you with support materials to help you provide the most supportive environment and approach to your athletes success!

  • Discounts - 10-30% off nutritional products sold at All-Star!

  • Commitment - All athletes will sign a "Code of Conduct" and a "Signing Day" will be held for the athlete and his/her coach to sign their agreement to work together.

Finally, after years of planning and months of fine-tuning, All-Star Sports Academy brings you the answer to the question "How do I get it all done?"

All for a monthly investment that's less than you'd pay for most "health club" trainers who don't know athletes from aardvarks!

The "Next Level" Athlete Success System.

Is it for you?

Answer these questions:

  1. Do you want to play at the "Next Level?" (club sports, high school varsity, college or beyond)
  2. Are you tired of watching those with "natural talent" get the breaks, the playing time...and the accolades?
  3. Do you feel like you work hard but just cant' get noticed by coaches?
  4. Do you just want someone to show you the path to student-athletic success so you can get to work and earn the rewards of that work?

If you answered "YES!" to any or all of these questions, then the "Next Level" Athlete Success System is for you!

NOTE - This program requires a significant investment on the part of each athlete and their support system - parents, families and even coaches, where possible.

We're going to ask you to make a significant contribution towards YOUR own success. If you're not absolutely, drop-dead serious about succeeding at the "Next Level," don't waste your time - or ours - in this program!

We have plenty of great group programming and even personal fitness programs for the less serious high school athlete...

But if you believe you have a burning desire to be an impact player at the "Next Level," to be a difference-maker at the college, high-level club or even pro level, contact us NOW to arrange an interview. There are limited spots available in this program. We will interview athletes to assure compatibility with our methods and systems.

Contact us HERE to request an interview. All requests must have a phone number where a parent or guardian can be reached to arrange the interview.

Don't wait! Right now, another athlete has their eye on YOUR spot, YOUR playing time and maybe YOUR scholarship!