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Personal Training at All-Star Sports Academy!

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"Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that your workouts get results! Yesterday our over 40 team won the state championship. I was named tournament mvp. In 4 games I only made one out and hit 10 home runs and played a great outfield. Thanks for everything i owe it all to you guys!!!" - Robert "Puma" Richards


"22 pounds lighter! Thank you! I'm blessed to be a part of such a great group of people!" - Shannon B.


Remeasured today! In 1 1/2 months, I've lost 7 pounds and 7.75 inches! Dropped a clothing size and I can definitely feel a difference in my strength and my shape! I'm hooked!" - Juli H.


What kind of results can YOU expect?


How about results like THESE?!?: about results like THESE?!?:



Heck, even professional athletes can "let things slide a little!" Stephen P., Arena Football Quarterback, came to us looking like this:

That's Stephen at a less-than-fleet-of-foot 243 pounds! Not exactly a speed demon, and certainly not likely to gather many "groupies!"

In just 3 short months in All-Star Sports Academy's Personal Training Program, Stephen transformed into this:

Stephen returned to 2014 camp at a lean, mean 208 lbs. His Coach used words like "quick," "fluid" and "really strong" to describe him!


Why NOT you? Why NOT now?

Tired of struggling to figure out what works? WE KNOW WHAT WORKS!

Sick and tired of feeling "sick and tired?" WE HAVE THE CURE FOR THAT!

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Afraid you won't know how to start? That's okay, we'll help you get!

Afraid you'll get frustrated and quit...again? That's okay, we know how to keep you motivated, moving...and winning!

Afraid you'll simply throw a bunch of money at the problem...and not solve it? Not going to happen...we offer a money-back guarantee of success!*

We understand! In fact, we're so serious about your success we're going to make this really easy for you to get started...

  • We're going to start with a 1 hour Success Session, where we'll get to know you, perform a Movement Screen, help you define your fitness goals and make some incredibly helpful recommendations. This Success Session is specifically designed to start you off with a "bang" and help set you up for fitness SUCCESS! The best part? Your Success Session is absolutely free!
  • We're going to get you started with 2 weeks to try this out...

    2 weeks to make sure you've found the right coaches...

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When it comes to YOUR FITNESS SUCCESS, nobody has your back like we do!

What are you waiting for? When would NOW be a good time to get started? How about right now?

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* If you attend all scheduled or re-scheduled training sessions for the first month and follow your trainer's recommendations for exercise and, where appropriate, diet and you're not thrilled with your program coach, your session coach, your training or your results, All-Star will refund your Personal Training fees and cancel your enrollment without further commitment or fees from you.