Politically Incorrect Fat Loss Tips

"Politically Incorrect" Fat Loss Tips
Phil Hueston, NASM-PES, IYCA-YFS

So you want to drop some body fat? That's great! You're reading up in magazines, listening to the "health reports" on TV and checking on the internet for what works, aren't you? Way to go, genius!

90% of what you'll find in those sources is absolute crap. Sure there are some reliable and smart sources for information in the public news sphere. Think about this, though. If I'm a "weight loss expert" (not fat loss, mind you) how do I get on TV or in print? By telling people what they want to hear: the "easy way to lose weight!"

Ready for some unvarnished, politically incorrect (and maybe just a little painful) truth?

There is no "easy way" to lose body fat! It's simple, yes, but not easy. It requires attention, dedication and consistency!

Here's some real, non-PC fat loss truth.

1.) No fruit juice! You know soda and sports drinks suck. What you won't hear from the weight loss media stars is that fruit juice is a liquid sugar delivery system. Extra sugar calories is not what you need when trying to lose body fat. If you want fruit juice, EAT FRUIT!

2.) Watch the booze intake, too. Forget that "red wine is good for your heart" crap. Do you know what they didn't tell you about that "medical study? The researchers found that the group that consumed NO ALCOHOL lived longer! The average mixed drink is a 200-500 calorie disaster area.

3.) Eat more fruits and vegetables. Kind of makes sense after #1, doesn't it. Start by adding to your current intake, rather than shooting for some ridiculous goal.  If you're eating 2 a day, double it to 4 during the course of a week. Continue on until you're up to 10-12 servings a day. Stick with fiber-rich fruits and vegetables - organic if possible.

4.) No fast food - I don't care what you heard on CNN or Fox and Friends. FAST FOOD IS GARBAGE! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A "HEALTHY" FAST FOOD MEAL! Fast food restaurants exist for one reason only: bring massive portions to you at low prices with maximal profit! In order to pull this off, the ingredients must be cheap, high in preservatives and lacking in nutrients.

There are no "healthy" fast food meals. Come on, have you LOOKED at the lettuce and tomatoes that go on the "broiled" or "grilled" chicken sandwiches made at those grease pits? So one more time: FAST FOOD IS GARBAGE!

The non-PC truth is that eating well requires time and effort. Planning, shopping and preparing are all skills necessary to the individual who wants to eat well and shed body fat.

The reward for that effort is tasty, clean and nourishing food that will help you reach your fitness and body goals! Just make simple, manageable changes over time, rather than looking for shortcuts.

5.) Choose snacks that help fill you up and manage your cravings. Nuts are great for this. 1 ounce of almonds makes a great "tweener" snack. Try apple slices and a tablespoon of natural peanut butter. Don't like nuts, or maybe allergic? Try carrot sticks dipped in light ranch dressing (look for an organic or all natural brand - they're out there!

How about a few ounces of raisins and some organic dark cocoa chips? Maybe 4 ounces of chicken breast with some salsa? Be creative, with natural and low in fat being your first 2 guidelines.

6.) Eat 5 - 6 small meals each day. Before you start, shut it. I've heard all the excuses for why you "can't" do this. Can't is a 4 letter word for "won't", period. You can, and you will, if you're serious about developing the kind of healthy eating habits that will help shed the ugly fat and get lean and toned.

Quit whining, start thinking and solve the "problem" for yourself.

Here are a few tips: First, think about your day. Locate those times, about 2 ½ to 3 hours apart, when you can carve out a few minutes to grab a snack. Schedule eating for those times. Second, keep the meals simple. Include protein, fats and carbohydrates in every meal. Third, be creative with sit-down meals, but stick to the healthier things that you know you like. It'll make it easier to be consistent.

7.) Be consistent with your workouts. You can make it easier for yourself by getting into a "boot camp" (how about Power Fitness Camp?) type of program, where you share your workout with friends, and maybe make some new ones. The great thing about the "boot camp" concept is that you get the expertise of a certified Personal Fitness Trainer (please make sure of the trainers credentials!) without paying the $750 - $1,500 a month it would cost for one on one training.

Timing of your workouts is far less important than consistently getting them in. Morning, night, lunchtime...whenever you can consistently get your workouts in is fine. To borrow a very well used (but appropriate) phrase JUST DO IT!!

7 ½.) BONUS TIP: Grab a 20 minute walk first thing in the morning. Roll out of bed, throw the sweats on, grab your coffee, tea or water, and take a jaunt around the neighborhood. If you must, jump on the treadmill. We hate them, but in a pinch they'll do. Also, a walk after lunch, dinner or any significant meal will help you control cholesterol and triglycerides. And what the heck, it beats parking your keister on the couch watching TV, at least as far as your fat loss goals are concerned!

So there you go. Some unvarnished, no-sugar-coating realities and tips for fat loss. Now get off the mainstream media fitness guru BS bandwagon and get moving toward the lean, attractive physique you really want!