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Success in softball in the modern era requires higher levels of athleticism than ever before. Players today must be multi-dimensional! All-Star Sports Academy training programs address all the elements you need to excel in softball, including:

  • Strength - Catchers squat an average of 238 times a game! Barbell squats don’t address this! Hitters require immense rotational strength, more than bench presses and power cleans provide!
  • Power - Power to drive the ball deep! Power to slide through the tag, or the catcher, and score! Power to gun the runner out at home… from the warning track!
  • Speed - Speed to run down that fly ball! Speed to cut off the grounder in the hole! Speed to steal bases! Speed to turn singles into doubles, doubles into triples and to spoil the double play!
  • Agility - Agility turns great double plays! Agility is quick to the ball, & turns base hits through the hole into outs! Agility creates “WebGems!”
  • Quickness - A killer first-step makes base-stealing candy-from-a-baby easy! Quickness means a double in the gap instead of an out!
  • Conditioning - Turn extra innings into extra chances to pad your stats…and win! Make doubleheaders “no big deal!” Play at full speed every single inning of every single game!
  • Flexibility & Injury Resistance - Pitchers, eliminate nagging shoulder pain & soreness! Hitters, turn back soreness into extra power!  Eliminate shoulder, ankle & “hammy” injuries! Feel better, play better!


All-Star Sports Academy addresses all areas of softball performance through systematic improvements in core strength and stability…functional and integrated strength…lean mass…neuromuscular stabilization…reactive power…functional and dynamic flexibility…integrated and functional speed...muscular endurance and cardio-respiratory endurance. We also address nutritional support… supplementation and recovery and regeneration. This is the most comprehensive program of its kind!

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