Teacher Appreciation Special - Make it (even more) PERSONAL!

Before you go!

Congratualtions on taking a huge personal step towards
making this the "Summer of Fitness!"

But before you run off and tell everyone you know that you are going to spend the summer getting into awesome shape (and showing off at the beach, maybe?), we want to make you an offer "you can't refuse!'

Ok, you could refuse it, but after you see it, we think you'd have to be
to say no!

Here goes:

We'll throw in Personal Training FOR THE ENTIRE SUMMER for only $99.99! (For a VERY limited time!)

You get:

  • A "Success Session" to start your Summer of Fitness! One of our world class coaches will meet with you, review your goals, review your 5 Point Movement Assessment and give you insider tips to get your Summer off with a bang!
  • A personalized workout program built specifically to address your goals, needs and desires!

    You can target your abs, your legs, your butt - or maybe you really want to get to the "gun show!"

    It's YOUR personal road map to exercise success!
  • One Personal Training session each week! One hour a week where you will work specifically on what you and your Success Coach have determined are the most critical areas for you!

Just so we're clear...

You get to add a Personal Training session each week (that's a total of 4 awesome, body-rocking workouts every week, all summer!) for ONLY $99.99!

You can't even buy one of those ridiculous in-home DVD programs for so little! (You know, the ones you start doing and then hit 'pause' about 2 weeks in...and never 'un-pause!')

Make THIS the summer when you finally give yourself everything you need to have the body and fitness you've been dreaming of!

Get the "Personal Edge" right here:

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Phone Number

Not sure if Personal Training is right for you? Give us a call at 732-597-3725 and we'll be happy to answer your questions and see if it's a good fit!