Team Training

Why let All-Star Sports Academy develop and run YOUR Team Training program?

The facts are:

  1. Teams that train together year round perform better! Many collegiate and even high school teams have a year-round training program in place. Available to everyone, these programs guarantee progressive athletic skill-set improvement. Pairing this development with the reinforcement of sport-specific skills assures maximal off-season and pre-season improvement!
  2. Teams that have a scientifically rational, progressive training system suffer fewer early injuries! The truth is that when athletes enter their seasons ready to play and at maximal conditioning levels, their teams suffer fewer injuries in the tryout/pre-season prep phase.
  3. Teams with organized in-season training programs suffer fewer injuries during the season! In 2005, the University of Maryland men's soccer team used an in-season program of 30-35 minutes of functional sports fitness training 3 times a week. In that season, Maryland won the National Championship! They reduced their injury rate, increased output on the field, and basically blew by their opponents!
  4. Teams that train functionally improve fastest! Functional Sports Fitness Training is the fastest and most efficient way to convert physical and athletic skills into sport-specific skill mastery! Core training feeds strength training. Strength training feeds power training. Power training feeds speed and agility training. The combined athletic skill-sets make it easier for athletes to master sport-specific skills and apply them at game time.
  5. Teams that train together overcome adversity and have more fun! When they work hard together, they're ready to take it to the field, court or ice together! Challenges become minimized and victory simply becomes part of the team culture! Isn't that why we play our sports? Because winning is more fun than losing?!?

We could tell you all about how great our team training program is, but we don't have to.

Here's what two very well-respected and successful coaches had to say about All-Star Sports Academy's team training programs:

"Our entire organization of student athletes, ages 8 through 23 have benefitted immensely from our association and participation with All-Star Sports Academy. We obviously have a full age range of players.

The ability of the staff at All-Star Sports Academy to customize their programs and workouts for such a diverse group speaks volumes about their knowledge and experience. The Black Sox are "the next level of play" due, in part, to their efforts." - Bill Castner, Founder and General Manager, Toms River Black Sox

"Phil Hueston (All-Star Sports Academy) has trained my team for the past three seasons. I am a firm believer in training outside your primary sport, and simply being in the weight room or running distance is not enough!

In the past three seasons, we have not suffered any non-contact injuries, and Phil's training has been a key part of that fact! His programs help athletes get stronger, while maintaining speed and flexibility, as well as building endurance.

I have the unique perspective of being a chiropractor as well as a coach, and I know that Phil's training is technically sound, and that he's very skilled, as well as passionate, about what he does." - Frank Segreto, D.C., Head Coach, Monsignor Donovan HS Griffins Varsity Ice Hockey


We have been asked to establish training programs for several youth sports teams in the Toms River/Ocean County area. Among them are:

The Toms River Tornadoes Girls Softball.


Jersey Shore Hurricanes Basketball

As well as:

Toms River North HS Boy's Soccer

Toms River North HS Girl's Soccer

Monsignor Donovan HS Baseball

Lacey Generals AAU Basketball

TRFC Fusion U11 Girls

TRFC Fusion U16 Girls

TRIC Lightning U7 Boys

Manchester Little League Blackout Travel Baseball

Jackson Fury U12 Girls

Toms River East HS Wrestling

Toms River South HS Football

TRIC Crush Girls

Mid-Jersey Heat AAU Basketball

Mavericks AAU Basketball

Toms River Elite Baseball

Commotion Travel Softball

Brick HS Girls Soccer

Jackson Liberty HS Football

Jackson Liberty HS Lacrosse

Ocean County Volleyball Club