Brian Blue

B.S., Phys. Ed./Adult Fitness; ACSM-CPT
Owner / Trainer
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Brian uses his experience as a collegiate athlete, along with several years in the athletic training field to provide high caliber sports fitness training for youth athletes!

Brian believes athletes should "train hard and train smart," a philosophy that helps him push athletes to their limits and beyond!

He knows that discipline and hard work are the foundation of athletic success. His knowledge and experience create a safe and effective atmosphere in which athletes can excel!

Brian has worked with athletes of all ages and has gotten outstanding results! He has trained and assisted many top-performing athletes in the Toms River area, as well as having worked with many collegiate athletes.

His experience working as a manager in a large fitness facility allows him to bring a unique perspective to his dealings with both athletes and parents. His client service experience allows him to better communicate with parents and athletes, thereby making the goal-setting and education process more enjoyable and more productive.