Training the Athlete

Each athlete’s experience with All-Star Sports Academy begins with an assessment. This assessment, whether performed in the formal, or more clinical fashion most notably used in large sports movement and exercise science programs, or accomplished by observing general movement patterns, seeks to measure the following aspects of sports and athletic movement.

Athletic Body (Kinetic Chain) Integrity How does the athletes’ body move in comparison with the “ideal”, or optimal movement patterns? Deviations in motor patterns from the norm may lead to the development of common injury patterns.

Unlike other “Sports Training Academies”, All-Star Sports Academy’s  professional have the training, background and experience with high caliber athletes to detect these problems before they lead to injuries.

We can then guide the athlete to the proper corrective programs and techniques that will re-align the body and prepare it for higher levels of intensity and training.
Additionally, All-Star Sports Academy’s scientifically rational approach to sports fitness training allows athletes who have already suffered an injury to recover fully, improve beyond original performance levels, and virtually eliminate nagging injury patterns! Here’s what one client had to say:

"After tearing my ACL, I thought my soccer career was over!
I never imagined I would find myself walking into preseason
at a Division I school (on scholarship)in shape and confident
that I am
the strongest and fastest player on the soccer field!
Thank you!!"
- Kim M., who tore her left ACL, then 10 months later
took the field as if it had never happened!



Functional Strength - Functional sports strength is different from "gym strength." "Big benches" and heavy squats in the gym don't always mean great results in/on the field, court, ice, mat or pool.

All-Star's Sports Fitness Professionals know that successful athletes develop high levels of whole-body, functional strength. This functional strength improves performance and contributes greatly to the prevention of injury.

Simply "hitting the gym" may knock you out of the lineup! Our trainers and professionals will show you why functional, integrated strength training for athletes provides them with the ability to produce more force than any traditional gym training program!

All-Star's training programs also create high levels of stability strength and deceleration (negative) strength - both critical to sports performance and injury prevention.

Does functional strength training make a difference? You tell us:

"My coaches can't believe I'm the same player! My 40 (yd
dash) time is faster, my upper body strength is awesome
I'm blasting through guys like there's no tomorrow!
Thank you!"
- T.S., 17, Running Back



Athletic Speed and Power - Athletes require multiple types of speed to excel. Starting speed, acceleration speed, closing speed, multi-lateral speed and absolute (straight-ahead) speed all combine to make an athlete dangerous! Power and explosiveness will help a player outplay opponents and change the outcome of a contest.

All-Star Sports Academy knows that athletes with high levels of applied speed will always outplay less powerful, slower opponents. Our athletes always have the ability to affect the outcome of the contest!

Athletes who work with us quickly notice dramatic increases in speed and power. This is because All-Star's trainers implement programs that improve the whole athletic body, not body parts.

By addressing the athlete's body as an integrated unit (the way the athlete uses it!), we're building better, faster, more powerful, game changing athletes!

"It's great! I feel amazing! Now I'm just running people
down from behind on the (lacrosse) field!"
- C.H., 16



Functional Flexibility - Flexibility for sports is much more than touching your toes or bending over backwards!

All-Star Sports Academy's sports fitness professionals know that the athletic body must be capable of moving through it's fullest possible range of motion while producing immense amounts of force. Functional, active and dynamic flexibility also help provide better force reduction during athletic movement.

This force reduction, also referred to as eccentric or deceleration strength, is a critical athletic skill-set, since it is a large factor in both performance and injury prevention.

Functional flexibility allows athletes to develop high levels of dynamic flexibility and neuromuscular stabilization. When muscles function from their proper length, they work well to keep the joints stable through all ranges of motion and at varying speeds.

Repeated, long-term performance of sports-specific activities shortens some muscles while lengthening of weakening others. Flexibility training allows All-Star Sports Academy trainers to assist athletes in correcting muscle imbalances and restoring the athletic body to full performance capability!

"I've been swimming most of my life and have dealt with
multiple shoudler issues. I tried everything; doctors,
therapy and rest. Nothing seemed to work.
All-Star changedthat; my shoulder feels better, my times
have gotten better, my performance in practice has
improved and my confidence before a race is higher!
Thank you!"
Alyssa C., 18



Balance and Stability - Virtually all athletic activity takes place in an unstable environment with stimulus from all directions, affected by hundreds of variables.

Athletes must be able to dynamically stabilize the whole body, as well as individual joints. During high speed and explosive sports movement, force application is required in multiple directions at a millisecond's notice.

The athlete whose system fails to provide adequate levels of joint stabilization will suffer an injury. Those who possess high levels of balance and stability will meet the call and perform at peak levels!

Knowing this gives All-Star Sports Academy an edge in helping our clients.

All-Star's trainers knowthat the difference is in how and when balance-and stability-enhancing movements and exercises are introduced and progressed within a training program. While most "sports training" centers add balance and stability exercises to impress the athletes they're exposed to, we do so to enhance our athletes...and their performance!

"I feel really strong on the field, and I've definitely
gotten much faster! I'm winning all the short sprints
to the (soccer) ball!"
- S.E., 16



Skill Levels - All-Star Sports Academy views the athlete as a whole entity; we understand that athletic and sport-specific skills work together to help the athlete perform at their best and get the greatest level of enjoyment from each contest. Sports are the most fun when you play at our best, so why not do all we can to play our best?

We work hard to help our athletes hone the physical, mental and emotional skills they need to surpass their competitors and stand oout in their sports. All-STar Sports Academy also fosters the teamwork and leadership skills that allow them to lead others to perform at their highest possible levels as well!

At All-Star Sports Academy, we encourage athletes to remember that "what you leave behind is at least as important as what you accomplish." By setting the example of working hard and smart, doing everything it takes to be prepared to win at all times and working hard to help teammates accomplish more, All-Star's athletes not only achieve more, they lead others to do the same!

"You guys are definitely right on! the way you
challenge kids is just what's needed!" - M.W.'s Mom



Would you like to get the most out of yourself and your athletic performance? Contact All-Star Sports Academy today for your trial membership!