TRFC Dodgeball!

Toms River FC is excited to announce our first annual Dodge Ball tournament at our indoor facility on December 21.


All-Star Sports Academy has partnered with TRFC to help them run a kick-ass Dodgeball Tournament AND raise cash to help run a great soccer organization!

Who is eligible to play? Everyone! We will have teams ranging from 8 year olds to adult teams.

What time on Dec 21st. We will start at 4pm and the tournament averages a couple of hours based on the number of teams.

How many players on a team? Minimum 6 players, maximum 8.

Can kids and adults outside TRFC play? Absolutely. We encourage you to invite your son or daughters hockey, baseball, softball, football, church group etc... Anyone can play.

What's it going to cost me?
Registration per team is $90, if you register and pay before Dec 7th you pay $75. It amounts to $10-12 per player.

Why are we fundraising, are the board members going on vacation with this money? No. The money raised will be put towards improving the fields our kids play on. In case you missed it, they need some help.

How do I sign up? You can register on our web site. One person per team has to register, name your team and make a payment and that's it, you are in! If you have any questions you can contact Staci Brustman at

Objective: Fun, we encourage everyone to participate. Each team will play 3-4 games throughout the course of the night and it will be organized and well run as the All Star Staff will have the lead. If we can raise a few dollars, while everyone has a good time, and we can improve our fields then everyone wins.