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Volleyball requires players to be agile, quick & explosive. Dynamic, repeated jumping calls for high levels of power endurance. Core strength levels must also be high in order to produce spikes while elevated. All-Star Sports Academy training programs address all the elements you need to excel in volleyball, including:

  • Strength - Strength to make solid sets! Core strength to deliver the shot while extended in mid-air! Strength to extend for the big serve!
  • Power - Power to deliver explosive serves! Power to blast thunderous spikes! Power to stuff the opponents’ spikes!
  • Speed - Speed to cover the whole court effortlessly! Speed to run down every shot! Speed to be in the right place at the right time…every time!
  • Agility - Agility to be a tenacious defender! Agility to make the really difficult sets! Agility to make the game-breaking move and score!
  • Quickness - Shocking quickness! Lightning fast hands and feet! Move to the ball and to the net like liquid fire!
  • Conditioning - Be fresh to the finish!  Play full-out from first serve to match point! Outlast every opponent!
  • Flexibility & Injury Resistance - Reduce or eliminate ankle sprains and knee pain! Strengthen the spine, wrists, elbows and shoulders to reduce post-game soreness and speed recovery!

All-Star Sports Academy addresses all areas of volleyball performance through systematic improvements in core strength and stability…functional and integrated strength…lean mass…neuromuscular stabilization…reactive power…functional and dynamic flexibility…integrated and functional speed...muscular endurance and cardio-respiratory endurance. We also address nutritional support… supplementation and recovery and regeneration. This is the most comprehensive program of its kind!

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